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Bikini Introduction

The name of the bikini originally refers to the uninhabited island bikini island of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. 2006 is the 60th anniversary of Bikini's "Birthday". For more than half a century, bikinis have been a hallmark of women's fashion. Bikini is hailed as the greatest "invention" of the 20th century world of clothing.



On June 30, 1946, the atomic bomb exploded on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Eighteen days later, a Frenchman named Louis Reard launched a bra-style top and a pair of swimwear. That day he hired a call girl to be a model and showed his work in a public swimming pool. A week later, the bikini was popular in Europe.

The inventors of the bikini were two Frenchmen, Jacques Heim and Louis Reid. But they are not the first to think of the idea of ​​bikini. As early as 1600 BC, there were murals of bikini-style swimsuits. Heim is a female costume designer from Cannes, France. She designed a small swimsuit and named it "Atome". She hired a plane that was writing in the air to advertise her design. The plane wrote in the air: "Atome - the world's smallest swimwear." Three weeks later, mechanical engineer Reid also used the plane in the air. Written: "Bikini - smaller than the world's smallest swimsuit."




Before 1946, the bikini was just a place name—the name of the island that President Truman approved for a nuclear bomb test. In the first half of the year, the woman only dared to wear a "swimsuit" that was tightly wrapped around her body with her collar and flat feet. She went to the beach to swim. The beach scene was black.


On the 18th day after the atomic bombing of Bikini Island in the Marshall Islands, the Frenchman Louis Reid launched a swimsuit consisting of three pieces of cloth and four belts on July 18, 1946 in Paris. This kind of swimsuit that hides the smallest body area in the world protects the breast through the bra, and the back is almost completely naked except the cord. It is easy to carry and beautiful to wear.


Before that, the swimsuit was conservative and covered most of the body. And Riddle's design bares most of the upper abdomen. The swimwear is made of fabric printed with newspaper content, and the savvy designer suggests that his bold design will occupy a large number of pages in the world newspaper. Because it was almost naked after wearing it, many professional fashion models in Paris at that time were daunting about this kind of swimsuit. However, a stripper named Michal Bernardini bravely challenged the traditional concept of wearing a bikini by a swimming pool and taking photos of a journalist. The other bikini was worn on a plastic model.


The appearance of the bikini shocked the world as much as the atomic bomb. Unconventional Reid took the opportunity to take advantage of the impact of the Bikini Island atomic bombing, decisively named the two-piece three-point swimsuit as a "bikini", which made a fortune. Although this new style has caused a lot of controversy, it has been welcomed in France by "the naughty girls who are dotted with beaches".


In fact, the swimsuit, named "Bikini," really shocked the world. The countries along the Mediterranean coast regard it as a plague, Italy is banned, the Spanish Coast Guard expelled the bikini, and even the United States has captured people for  womens bikini.


Australian designer Paula Stafford introduced bikinis to Australia in 1952, causing an uproar. Beach patrol John Moffat immediately grabbed a model wearing a short swimwear designed by Paula. "It's too short!" he yelled and escorted the model off the beach. Paula was not intimidated. She asked the other five girls to wear bikinis, informed the local newspaper and invited the mayor, a pastor and the police chief to the scene. As a result, nothing happened, but she achieved amazing publicity.


Since the Middle Ages, people have used a range of reasons to stop women from swimming or even taking a shower. In the 17th century, some medical-related bathing methods increased womens bathing suits opportunities. But women must wear thick shirts with long ankles and a hat to keep them decent. When they get out of the water, the waiters will wear robes for them. It was not until the 19th century that people wore this bath.


In the 19th century, shirt-style swimwear was replaced by a swimsuit with a belt, length and knee. Women also wear pants and stockings underneath the swimsuit. They wear a swimming cap and wear lace-up slippers like ballet shoes on their feet. In this way, swimwear finally entered the fashion magazine and store catalog in the 1880s. But the skirts of the new women's swimwear are very large and weigh up to 30 pounds.


From 1870 to 1900, it was a turning point in the history of womens swimwear, and the style was similar to that of children's pajamas. Some governments have strictly prohibited the wearing of “slutty” clothing through the law, stipulating that the swimsuit must cover the human body from the neck to the knee. Some women are fined for not wearing stockings, shoes or long skirts.


Australian-born female swimmer Annette Kellerman (1887-1975) also broke the routine. She was arrested in Boston in 1907 for wearing a bold one-piece swimsuit.


By the 1930s, the style of non-competitive swimwear had undergone revolutionary changes. The straps replaced the sleeves, the trouser legs became shorter and shorter, and the neckline became lower and lower. The most fundamental innovation in women's swimwear is the emergence of bikinis.


At the time, women's biquini were only popular in Europe and were not sent to the United States until 15 years later. When one of Hollywood’s most famous stars, Marilyn Monroe, appeared in a variety of fashion magazines in a bikini-inspired movie, it’s the first time that this sexy swimsuit has begun to look at it. . With the help of a bikini, Marilyn Monroe became the sexy goddess of Hollywood, and bikini quickly became popular all over the world because of the connection with Monroe's name. In the ensuing decades of the 20th century, Brigitte Bardot’s "Girl in a Bikini" was released in France, and the bikini fascinated the Frenchman and became a fashionable attire; a song by Brian Helan The yellow polka dot little bikini made the bikini a household name; by 1969, the American magazine Life has featured a bikini, and the negative image of the bikini has disappeared. According to statistics, British women spend about £45 million a year on bikinis, and French bikini account for about half of the womens swimwear market.


In 1964, Rudy's bikini without a bra (Topless suit) opened fire on the public ethical fortress. Muir introduced a swimsuit that used a fishing net to cover the chest and waist. Swimming without a shirt and nude swimming began to appear, although there are still a few people who take this type of swimming.


In the 1990s, model Jerry Hall launched a series of swimming suits aimed at “putting the buttocks back into women's swimwear” in 1989. In 1992, Cole developed an inflatable bikini (TopSec Marilyn Monroe ret) based on the popular prediction that “the breast will return”. Bikini with a high-tech material and a retro style to reproduce the image of the 50s, a bikini with a rhinestone, and a strappy bikini are available. In addition, there are bikini, topless bikini, mini bikini and a three-piece cloth strip that are wrapped around the body with a belt instead of cloth. It is called a "barbaric" bikini.


The development of swimwear is closely related to people's conceptual changes and social culture. No matter what kind of “treatment” it was, swimwear has become an irreplaceable part of the clothing industry.


Cultural perspective

Bikini Of Women Since the beginning of the Americans in early 1946, as a symbol of human freedom and liberation, it is a symbol of modernist culture in the 20th century, and was quickly accepted by postmodern society as a concept of postmodern culture. Fashion symbol. Of course, for ordinary people in life, bikini is a must-have for swimwear and vacation at the seaside. However, what style of Women's bikini to wear, still reveals different cultural concepts. Bikini, beyond any other clothing, has surpassed its original practical function and become the living language of cultural concepts.


In the new century, the following four themed bikini will wildly sweep every inch of the sun, and on the beach, decorate the scenery:


1. Romantic


This is an expression of emotional meaning. Full of feminine vitality and cheerfulness, such as the bright summer sun, such as the jump of the seashore, such as the breeze flying, is a dynamic style, it is easy and natural. This theme-style bikini is colorful, with printed elastic fabric, plaid, stripes, and floral patterns, full of femininity. The design focus is on the decorative straps at the joints of the cups and the waist, adding a fluid movement. Most of the hood rings have steel plates to hold the chest. The hanging bandwidth is narrow and has an integrated and tapped shoulder strap.


2. Anatomical


This is an expression of the future concept - simple, bare. The human body exhibits geometric figures under the cutting of points, lines and faces - triangles, rectangles, diagonal lines, straight lines. It has the metal and digital flavor of the Cyber-culture era. This theme-inspired bikini features a monochrome, elastic, ultra-thin fabric with a light color and sparkle. The asymmetrical design is eye-catching. The back design is sloppy and completely tied with a cord to make the body more fully exposed to the summer sun. The ultra-thin fabric of elastic fiber embodies the role of “second skin”, making the bikini more fully part of the body.


3. Playful


"Playful" is also a special word for contemporary culture. Entertainment is a game, life is a game, work is a game, and law and custom are called "rules of the game." This seems to be a bit of a cynical life of serious life - "game life", in fact, this is a kind of weightlifting of complex responsibilities - "drama life." The rise of leisure culture is a new kind of planning for time in the high-tech era, which makes the efficiency higher, makes life more quality, and is also a perfect way to keep the child's heart.


This theme-style bikini is light in color, monochrome and print, with a slightly thicker elastic fabric. The design focuses on the ruffled trim, or the predecessor or the edging, which can be adorned with the chest. Generally, there is no steel support, linear design, and the bottom pants are high waist and flat pants, and low waist briefs. Emphasis is placed on the impression of a lively, lovely and relaxed girl.


4. Sports

This is a bikini that highlights a healthy style. Health is a fashion pursued by contemporary people. People are saying this: "If you have health, you have everything." "Health is 1. Wealth, love, freedom, etc. are all O. With health, there are 100, 1000, 10000..." Exercise and fitness become a new life. power.

This theme-inspired bikini is based on printed stretch fabric and is similar in style to sports underwear. Integral wide shoulder strap with straight stitching, horizontal stitching and diagonal stitching. The underpants are mid-rise briefs, and the decoration is concise, mainly because of the double-line seam marks and the side-by-side way to give people a generous and lovely impression.


Wearing and matching

Bikini swimsuits are a favorite of bodybuilding women. You can wear a swim in the sea, or use it as a clothing accessory to match the exterior. Bikini has fewer fabrics and more exposed parts. Not everyone has a flat stomach, strong arms and slender legs, but even if you don't have a devil-like figure, just choose a bikini that suits your body, and you can subtly cover your shortcomings and make you confident. charm. Here are 4 different bikini designs:


Womens Sporty bikini


This type of bikini abandoned the bikini-style bust top and changed to a vest. In addition to slightly reducing the exposure, it also allows the wearer to reveal a sexy side in the healthy image.


Wearing a sporty bikini, a woman with a "flat chest" may be afraid that others' eyes will be concentrated on the chest. If you choose a bright-colored top with a large floral pattern, you can visually make your chest fuller. As for the full-bodied, you should choose a sporty bikini with a straight strip and a dark sporty bikini, in addition to making the body look slimmer and also shifting the attention of others. More popular bikini patterns, animals and plants are still an important theme of swimwear: designers use the popular silver-gray to create a fish-scale fabric that turns you into a mermaid that blends into a landscape of green mountains and green waters. Or, on the "square of the square", you can see the bikini as the most beautiful ocean by painting the watery grass and the small fish with bubbles.


Womens Tubular bikini


The tubular bikini (Bandeaubikini) is a fashionable swimsuit variant of the tube top (Bubetop).


Tubular bikinis can be divided into two types: slings and slings. If you are petite, choose a bikini without a sling to transfer your eyes to your sexy shoulders. However, a strapless bikini may make you feel insecure, with two shoulder straps missing, a bikini bra that is easy to shift, and adjusting the bra in the pool can be awkward. It is recommended that you wear a strapless bikini when you are sunbathing, so that you will not have eye-catching shoulder straps after sunbathing. If you plan to swim seven or eight laps in the pool, it is best to choose a "safe" bikini. For those with wider shoulders, you can choose a tubular bikini with a sling, which not only hides the shortcomings of the shoulder width, but also looks tangible. At the same time, the trend of the swimsuit is mainly based on smooth and shiny fabrics. A variety of crystal light colors, such as silver ash and pearl color, have become the protagonists of swimwear. Details such as bright sequins and one-shoulder styles are also popular from fashion to swimwear. The flat-bottomed tubular bikini is also the first choice for conservatives, giving you a free and easy side.


Womens Strap bikini


Bright colors, sexy sorghum design, sling style is the most classic bikini design. Putting on it is enough to make men fascinated and envy women.

The sling bikini has the least amount of fabric and the most exposed parts, so if you don't have the exquisite figure and slender legs, it's best to stay away. The most popular sling bikinis are now adorned with water crystals. These bikinis have a shimmering effect, adding a touch of brilliance to the original monotonous bikini. In addition, some new swimsuits are also printed with gold powder.


Bikini of Women began to "land", either in the water or on the ground, the trick is to tie a skirt of the same color at the waist.

Some manufacturers have prepared a short skirt for the bikini, which is a fashionable new dress at the waist. In the clever combination of short skirts and scarves, you will definitely have a feminine feel when wearing a bikini. After wearing a bikini, if you think your thighs are too thick, you can tie a tulle or silk scarf around your waist and distract others with the ethereal temperament. If you only plan to sunbathe on the beach, you can wear a pair of shorts. Of course, wearing a bikini bra with a short skirt can also reduce the degree of exposure, so that you are shy on the beach, giving you a confident and charming style.people unconsciously associate with the heart.



For women who love beauty, it is very important to choose a swimsuit that suits your body shape and personality. The following suggestions are for reference only.


one-piece swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit is the most insured, most classical swimsuit, and is an excellent choice for shy women.


Flat-angle swimsuit

For women who are not willing to express themselves, the boxer swimsuit is more conservative, but its shortcoming is that it will make the legs look very short, so choose carefully. Boxer swimsuits are also suitable for people with thinner thighs. Boxer swimsuit


High waist swimsuit

For women with small abdomen, it is advisable to choose a high-waist swimsuit, preferably with a twill, to achieve the waist-lifting effect, and to divert attention to achieve the effect of the modification.


Skirt swimsuit

For women with flat hips, choosing a skirt-style swimsuit is very suitable, both visually beautifying the hip line and showing the grace of the legs.


Push Up Bikini

Push up bikinis are designed to give you that extra bit along the bust line. Some of the tops have built-in pads for adding that extra volume where you need it most. 


Split swimsuit

It is the choice of fashionable ladies, and women with good shape can choose.


Large V-neck one-piece swimsuit


If your chest is full and your hips are very fat, you can choose a large V-neck swimsuit, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.


Everyone has always thought that bikini is a patent for women with good shape. In fact, even if you don't have a good figure, only the swimsuit model should choose the right bikini. It can also cover up the shortcomings of the body and let you show charming charm. (Special attention to style matching and color)


Purchase guide

If you are a group of women who don't dare to wear a bikini, then do the following to ensure that you will be confident. First, obviously, invest in a bikini that is really good and enjoyable. Second, almost every woman buys a few bikini tops and bottoms, so choosing a brand that can be sold separately is a good way to match a swimsuit, although sometimes it will be a bit confusing.

Remember that unless you have a pair of long legs and a slender figure, don't wear boy-style boxers, it doesn't really look good. Most people's body is still more beautiful with swimwear pants with straight or scoop cuts at the back. What makes people feel interesting is that the more they cover up on the buttocks, the thinner they are. Many women wear less. For example, some people wear high-cut bikinis and are better than the ones. The adjustment of the neckband tends to create a charming cleavage, and some women with full breasts can choose the top with a steel support, but the effect will be exaggerated.

Color is the most important factor when choosing a bikini. I found myself very suitable for lavender and turquoise at the beginning of the holiday, because the skin color is still very pale; after the tanning, the warm and colorful colors should be on the scene.

Almost everyone has shortcomings, and there are not perfect places that will make us less confident. So what we have to do is to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. Maybe the charming cleavage, maybe the slender legs, the rounded shoulders, the seductive back, etc., will always have at least one beautiful part. My advice is: Never emphasize your deficiencies to outsiders. Be aware that no one noticed them before you cried to others: "Look at my ugly thighs."

There is a beautiful girlfriend like a fairy, but her body is good, but she never reveals her abdomen because she leaves some scars during pregnancy. Even if she saw her during the holidays, no one thought she was “deliberately hidden” because she always wore so sexy, a one-piece halter swimsuit, or a vest with a mini skirt. She has a full chest, a perfect back, slender legs, and her figure seems to me to be as beautiful as a work of art. If you really don't like some parts of your own, don't show it to others.

The last thing to remind is that tanning will be more beautiful. If the skin is shiny metallic, many of the deficiencies can be masked. So buy a big bottle of suntan cream and start preparing for one or two weeks before heading out to the beach. I don't want to be exposed to the sun for too long, so a holiday usually depends on tanning cream.


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