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Dress Shirts

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 emarket Online is a global e-commerce site that  provides a vast range of quality clothes at best prices.  eMarketOL is a one stop site which will satisfy all your apparel needs. You can also buy cheap and good quality accessories to match with clothing. Shopping online on this site you can be assured about the latest fashions, styles, quality and durability.

Dress Shirts are fundamental to a man’s wardrobe. A buttoned, collared shirt with long cuffed sleeves is called a Dress Shirt.eMarket offers a wide range of dress shirts in different fabrics like cotton, linen and silk. Some shirts are made using polyester to keep them wrinkle free, lightweight and stain resistant and these are the budget friendly choice. Cotton is the best selling shirt fabric as it is cool, smooth, durable and gives a good fit. Silk shirts are known for their luster, light weight and drape but their price and maintenance is high. A good Dress shirt actually speaks for you and your personality. Shopping online with this site you are guaranteed a great fit and style best suited to your personal outlook and lifestyle.

Here are a few points to take care of when selecting a Dress Shirt

  • Color: White is most popularly used formal shirt which has always been in fashion.Blue is another safe alternative and is a must have in a man‘s wardrobe. Other color choices are pink, gold, black, grey, purple and brown.
  • Patterns: should be solid, simple and versatile. Such shirts show more style and fit and can be worn elegantly with a solid colored suit. Checks are more of informal shirts.
  • Collars and Cuffs: Collars of a shirt are meant to highlight a man’s face properly and give the total formal look .Cuffs are responsible to enhance the formal look, for example a French cuff is ideal for the business class look. While the barrel cuff is fine for the casual look.
  • Good fit: The right cut, size and the right fit will complement your look.
  • Workmanship: always look for good quality and finishing
  • Versatility:  A dress shirt is one of the most versatile clothing in the male wardrobe. When worn with a suit and tie it gives the perfect formal look, worn with a jacket and jeans gives the smart casual look.  

At our eMarketOL site we offer you a complete ensemble of Dress Shirts in a variety of cuts and sizes. Every man gets a customized fit right from big to tall sizes and tailored to slim fit shirts. The fabrics are nice, the prices suit your pocket and the shipping time is approximately 3-4 days. We offer you many promotion and discounts on orders. You can also earn rewards and points and a 30 day return provision gives you a fair chance to change your goods. There are some fabulous deals that are available for a short time, so make up your mind fast and place your orders. Some dress shirts listed in the men’s clothing category are:

  • The slim fit modern look
  • The formal long sleeved Cotton shirt
  • Men’s stylish slim dress shirt
  • Men’s Fashion dress shirt long and short sleeved
  • Men’s Casual Dress shirt
  • Men’s casual DARK Twill dress shirt

The above stated list is just a glimpse of the Wide variety offered on the site. All sizes from M to XXL are available and you can choose from the colors listed in the category.

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